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Tricyclodecenyl Isobutyrate


Tricyclodecenyl Isobutyrate: Fragrant Sophistication

A distinctive ester derived from tricyclodecene alcohol and isobutyric acid, Tricyclodecenyl Isobutyrate adds a touch of aromatic elegance. Its unique blend of floral and fruity notes, coupled with longevity, makes it a favored choice in perfumery and scented products, elevating fragrances with sophistication.

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Tricyclodecenyl Isobutyrate: Aromatic Elegance

Description: Tricyclodecenyl Isobutyrate is an ester renowned for its aromatic finesse. Derived from tricyclodecene alcohol and isobutyric acid, this compound boasts a distinctive and elegant fragrance, combining floral and fruity notes with a touch of sophistication.

Key Characteristics:

  • Distinctive Aroma: Tricyclodecenyl Isobutyrate offers a unique olfactory experience, characterized by its distinctive blend of floral and fruity undertones.
  • Long-Lasting: Known for its longevity, the ester imparts a lasting fragrance, making it an ideal choice for perfumery.
  • Versatile Ester: Find applications in perfumes, colognes, and scented products, adding a touch of complexity to fragrance compositions.

Common Uses:

  1. Perfumery: A favored ingredient in perfumery, contributing to both floral and fruity accords with a hint of sophistication.
  2. Cosmetics: Enhances the aromatic profile of various cosmetic products, adding a touch of elegance to formulations.
  3. Home Fragrance: Used in scented candles and air fresheners, providing a lasting and sophisticated fragrance.

Elegance Redefined: Tricyclodecenyl Isobutyrate, with its distinctive aromatic profile, redefines elegance in fragrances, cosmetics, and home scents, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication.

Synonyms for Tricyclodecenyl Isobutyrate may include variations in the naming or references to similar compounds. Common synonyms or related terms might include:

  1. TCD Alcohol Isobutyrate
  2. Tricyclodecenyl 2-Methylpropanoate
  3. Isobutyric Acid Tricyclodecenyl Ester
  4. Cyclohexane, Tricyclo[,6)]dec-8-enyl Isobutyrate
  5. Cyclacet TB
  6. Tricyclodecenyl Isobutyrate Ester

It’s essential to note that the use of specific synonyms can vary depending on industry standards, suppliers, and regional naming conventions. Always check the specific product or formulation details for accurate and up-to-date information.


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